The Vacuum is a retro point-and-click adventure game that I made in the summer of 2008. Pay what you want (or don’t pay at all).


In The Vacuum, you play a student headed home for the summer on a 24th-century space freighter when the journey is interrupted by two explosions tearing through the passenger quarters. Stranded in deep space with the crew missing and no help available, you must determine what caused the accident and how to fix it — if it was an accident at all.

It’s a retro point-and-click adventure with some updates for the 21st century. The Vacuum features a non-linear plot that responds strongly to player actions at all stages, and it emphasizes character interactions and investigation over the obtuse and illogical inventory puzzles that were the main cause of the adventure genre’s death in my view.

I made this game in the summer of 2008 in Adventure Game Studio. Thanks to a team of “volunteers”, The Vacuum can be played in English, French, German, or Italian.


  • Windows XP or later (no native OS X or Linux support, but programs like WINE or Crossover may work)
  • Mouse
  • A functioning computer built since 1995


The Vacuum screenshot - dining area The Vacuum screenshot - engineering The Vacuum screenshot - room The Vacuum screenshot - spacewalk The Vacuum screenshot - airlock The Vacuum screenshot - bridge The Vacuum screenshot - cargo