Rename all your TV episode files to something reasonable with just a few clicks.

Have you ever found that the TV episodes on your hard drive are a mess? Perhaps they are arranged illogically and inconsistently. Perhaps their filenames are full of incomprehensible garbage that is of no use when you’re trying to find a specific episode. Perhaps you want to stream them between your devices, but some part of the interface only shows you a few characters at a time, and you need to wait for a slow scrolling text box to show you what episode you have selected. For you, and for whoever else wants to be rid of these problems once and for all, I have created Bulk Automatic TV Rename Utility.

This software automatically determines what TV show, season, and episode are contained in each file in a directory you specify, and allows you to edit them if it gets it wrong. With a few clicks, you set up how you want your files organized and renamed, and then sit back and let BATRU do the work for you. It’s free and open-source, released under the GNU General Public License v3.

BATRU is open-source software that I created before getting my first job as a programmer as a sort of method of proving that I was capable of programming. Even though it’s just a couple of years later as I write this, I already find the quality of the code in here quite poor, and am very embarassed at the lack of tests. Regardless, it works, so it remains available.


To run Bulk Automatic TV Rename Utility, you will need:

Sadly, BATRU will not work on Mac or Linux.


Download Bulk Automatic TV Rename Utility v1.0 (1.22MB)

Source Code

The source is available on BitBucket. I should note that I originally wrote this as a demonstration of my programming skills in the hopes of getting my first job in the industry. Now that I’ve been programming as my career for a couple of years, there is a lot about this code that I frankly find embarassing now.


I don’t have any fancy support structure going for this software, so report any bugs on the BitBucket project.