Voiteq Device Log Viewer is a GUI tool designed to empower technicians supporting Honeywell TalkMan devices to cut through the noise of log files and diagnose issues quickly.


I created the Voiteq Device Log Viewer when management at Voiteq Germany noticed that the bulk of their engineers’ time was being spent looking at the device logs generated by the Honeywell TalkMan devices that they support for their customers. The Device Log Viewer is written in C# and displays a graphic interface built with WPF. It looks for the specific patterns embedded into the TalkMan logs and enables sophisticated filtering that can be used to highlight the most relevant information relating to the most common issues. The viewer can also be used to automatically generate diagnostic reports and flow charts.

Although the software was originally meant for internal use by Voiteq’s developers and support technicians, an early version was so helpful that Voiteq has decided to begin selling it to customers.

My contribution

I was the sole designer and developer on this project for the first six weeks of development, in which all of the major features were added. I was also responsible for creating documentation for both fellow engineers and external customers.

Further details

Voiteq does not sell the Device Log Viewer independently and does not have specific product literature for it. Information about the general solutions incorporating TalkMan devices are available at Voiteq’s web site.