DSS is the component of Global Relay’s archiving and complicance software that is responsible for securely and reliably maintaining a near-real-time mirror of a customer’s personnel directory.


DSS is a complex application for syncing employee details from a customer’s directory software to Global Relay’s in-house data center. Customers would install a C++-based client service inside their network and configure it to access their Active Directory, AD Lightweight Directory Services, or IBM Domino directory. The client would then establish a connection to a C#-based server in the data center and begin to sync the configured details. Integration, performance, and acceptance tests were implemented in Python.

In production, DSS now syncs hundreds of thousands of customer records from some of the world’s largest banks, and is a critical component of Global Relay’s overall service offerings.

My contribution

I was added to the DSS team a year after the project started, but was later promoted to the lead technical expert on the project. I participated the design and implementation of several new features, including cross-domain syncs, downtime-proof redundancy, and adding support for Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services. I was also the main contact for bug fixes and diagnosis of production issues. I eventually contributed to five releases of the product.

Further details

DSS is not sold as a discrete project, but is one component in the wider universe of Global Relay’s Archive software. There is no official public web page about this project specifically, but information about Global Relay’s Archive software is available at the GR web site.